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Smoke Alarm & Safety Switch Installation

Smoke alarms for Woodcroft and Adelaide businesses

A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you precious time to escape and contact fire services to attend your business premises or industrial site. Ned Kelly Electrical recognise that commercial fire alarm systems are essential parts of today’s electrical installation. We can install commercial fire alarm panel type with detectors, sounders and break glass points.

Don’t put your business, your staff, and your premises at risk of fire. Have your premises assessed and smoke alarms installed today.

Safety switches for Woodcroft and Adelaide businesses

Safety switches minimise the risk of electric shocks, injuries and deaths and electricity-related fires. It is actually a legal requirement for all new premises to have safety switches protecting all power points and lighting circuits.

How does a safety switch work? When a person comes into direct contact with electricity, electricity is directed through their body to earth.  This cases a loss in the amount of electricity in the electrical circuit (the path for the flow of electricity).  A safety switch detects very small losses and switches the power off in as little as 0.3 seconds.

Knowing the different types of safety switches, their purpose and the protection they provide is what Ned Kelly Electrical knows best.  We can help you determine the correct safety switch for your premises, and professionally take care of your safety switch installation in and around Woodcroft and Adelaide.

Contact us on 0413 279 763 or email us.  Did you know we also offer extensive domestic electrical services with our residential electrician here in Woodcroft, including split system air conditioning installation?